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Information For Seniors

The Salvation Army Golden Diners Senior Nutrition Program.
For more info on how to receive services or to volunteer, click here.


For more information contact Julie at Senior Services:


1. Age Qualification: Applicants must be 65 years of age or older to qualify or no more than 3 weeks prior to their 65th birthday.

2. Fill out an application: Applications are available at the Nunda Township Supervisors office between the hours of 7:00 am and 3:30 pm.

3. Proof of Age: Applicant must present proof of age by providing the original of one of the following: Drivers's License, State ID card, US Immigration Alien Registration Card, Medicare card or Passport.

4. A photo will be taken at applicaton to be sent with registration form (at no charge).

5. Process: The Nunda Township Superviors office will send all necessary informtion to the RTA office and after approval a permit will be mailed directly to the address provided by the applicant within four weeks of RTA's receipt of materials.

The Illinois Department on Aging offers a Benefit Access Program for seniors and persons with disablilities for help with:

Free Transit Rides
License plate discounts

To be eligible for these benefits, you must submit a Benefit Access Application on the Internet. Paper applications are not available. Assistance applying is available at the Township. Call 815-459-4011 for an appointment at the township, or apply online at www.illinois.gov/aging/BenefitsAccess.

Important qualification questions for Benefit Access Program:

1. Do you live in Illinois?

2. Is your income less than
$27,610 for a one person household?
$36,635 for a two person household?
$45,657 for a three person household?

3. Are you:
16 years of age and disabled?
65 years or older?

Please call the Nunda Township Supervisor's Office with any questions: (815) 459-4011 or

Visit www.illinois.gov/aging/BenefitsAccess for more information.

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